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Customer Driven Capacity Upgrades for Pure Cloud Block Store

New capability with Purity version 6.6.2

Scaling Pure Cloud Block Store capacity is becoming even simpler, with an on-demand self-service customer-driven procedure that helps eliminate delays due to support intervention.


Finding Availability Zone Mapping Across Azure Subscription

Using Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell to check availability zone peers

In this blog post, you can learn about Azure Availability Zone mapping across subscriptions, and why it makes sense for Azure VMware Solution deployment. And how to find out the mapping easily using Az tools


Understanding Azure Bandwidth: Defining the Process for Bandwidth Optimization

We understood Egress! Now, let’s design for cost optimization.

This blog post will dive into considerations and design patterns on how to optimize data transfer bandwidth.


Understanding Azure Bandwidth: The Often Overlooked Cost of Resiliency

Diving into What Incurs Bandwidth Charges and What does Not

This blog post will discuss the importance of understanding your Azure bandwidth costs and how you can reduce them.


What is New with CBS Terraform Provider 0.9.0

Added support to new CBS SKU Model, security enhancement, and more ...

CBS Terraform Provider offers an automated approach for deploying Pure Cloud Block Store via IaC